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Once Upon A Time in Alfred, NY

In 1999 David Williams, his wife Cathy and their three children returned to the area they called 'home' here in Western New York. After leaving a fast-paced career as a manager with the world's largest retailer they thought it best for the family to "get back to basics."


Dave took up photograph restoration, digital photography and web design as a creative outlet and began publishing his work to a personal website including a page filled with links to Alfred, NY area businesses he and his family frequented.


In 2002, at the urging of friends and family members to offer these same services professionally, Dave did some internet market research and learned that the same local businesses his family enjoyed shopping with were either under-represented or not represented at all on the internet.


After months of careful consideration and planning, and with with a strong desire to give something back to the community he and his family had come to call 'home', Dave decided to offer his web design services professionally by creating an online presence for the Alfred, NY area to showcase the goods and services offered by local merchants.


So it came to be that in the latter portion of 2002 and early 2003 Dave began the long and laborious process of collecting contact information for area businesses in the town and village of Alfred, New York and sorted them into relevant categories.


In January of 2003 Dave purchased the AlfredNY.Biz domain name and began publishing the information and resources that would make AlfredNY.Biz what it is today... A community website that designed to represent Alfred, New York area businesses online.


There is no charge to local merchants for Basic listings and area business owners are invited to participate in the AlfredNY.Biz website. Visitors from over 100 countries have visited Alfred NY online through this site looking for everything from A-Z Which in local language means everything from A21CG - Za.


Here are some comments from AlfredNY.Biz visitors:



I can't tell you how helpful your website was to my husband and I when we needed to make an emergency trip to Alfred when we learned our daughter became ill while attending college. We're not from the area and we had no idea what we were going to do. My husband 'Googled' your site and we found a place to stay, restaurants, coffee (much needed) and we even got our car serviced before returning home.  Our daughter was and is fine - it ended up being a GI illness that was easily treated. Just the same, we can't thank you enough for the Alfred, NY website! ~ sign us, "Grateful Parents" 04/21/08



Your contribution to Alfred New York Community is unbelievable. I'd like to think that I have "given back to the community" when I have donated to my Alma Mater (AU). I write a check once a year, but your gift is perpetual - it takes ongoing time, effort, and is longsuffering. God Bless You for your gift to Alfred, NY ~ O.T. 07/05/07



 Thank you for your site. I haven't been back to Alfred since I graduated in '77. Main Street sure looks different from the days we spent eating burgers and shakes and hangin' out - what great memories. Maybe I'll make time for the 30 year reunion and we'll take the trip. ~ RT 01/06/06



Its wonderful for small businesses to be acknowledged in such a way. Alfred is a community that has a lot to offer and its important for people to realize what's available. Thank you for taking your time in organizing a site that provides this opportunity. ~ JF 10/20/05



Thank you for allowing us to place our info on your web page. It has been helpful in securing rentals. ~ NR 10/18/05



RE: Listing information for alfredny.biz site~ Thank you Dave!

It looks great! Thank you for all you do. ~ CW 09/16/05



Thank you for your help reaching the editor of the Alfred Sun - how do you find the spare time? ~ RC 08/08/05



Dave, Thanks so much for adding us to the House of Worship listings! Try and stay cool...
God bless you! ~ HK 07/21/05



LOVE the Lake Alfred Celebration Photos! Only in a town that celebrates a traffic light anniversary, right? What a hoot! You're the best, keep it up. ~ AC 06/12/05



Thanks Dave, your terrific and Becky did get back to me. I look forward to hearing from her soon and I couldn't have completed the research without you and your website. Fantastic, thank you so much! ~ KM 05/10/05

Beyond Productions in Australia (Kath was researching the Traffic Light Festival of 2004 for an International Series on Life in the 21st Century for the Discovery Channel)



Good Morning Dave, Once again I want to thank you for the photos of Alfred, they are great! When I was growing up there there was almost a tangible feeling in the air of how good a town Alfred was. I always knew I was in a special place. It is a little bit hard for me to describe. Summers were wonderful there. The University always had activities for the children to participate in. I was happy to have the students gone in the summer, because when I was young I was a little bit shy. We spent a lot of time, my family and myself, having picnics at Foster's Lake. ~ And Thank so much for the pictures of my old home and of the town. My heart has always been back in Alfred. I like the smallness of Alfred. KC ~ April 05



AlfredNY.Biz is not; a part of, nor associated with the Alfred Business Association. I believe in the mission and purpose of the ABA - this is simply a statement of fact to clarify any confusion surrounding the misconception that the ABA & AlfredNY.Biz are one and the same ~ which is not the case.


AlfredNY.biz exists due to the efforts of one local business person who owns and operates the AlfredNY.biz domain and website. The owner, Mr. David A. Williams has donated over 1,000 man hours to the community, it's residents and visitors to the town & village of Alfred New York through the graphic design, web design and organic search engine optimization of AlfredNY.biz which has undergone three (3) major re-designs since it was launched January 22, 2003.

Dave Williams' hours of community service are reflected in the evolution of the Alfred NY Community Website.

AlfredNY.Biz has had over 1 million pages viewed by over 750,000 unique visitors looking for local goods and services!


If you wish to join the AlfredNY.Biz family - email Dave@DavidWilliams.Biz


If you are trying to reach the Alfred Business Association - their mailing address and phone number is:

43 North Main Street
Alfred , NY 14802
Phone: 607-587-8222

AlfredNY.Biz Ownership reserves the right to deny/delete business listings at the owner's discretion.





AlfredNY.Biz has been serving Alfred, NY and surrounding communities of Alfred Station, Almond, Andover, Hornell and Wellsville since 2003





AlfredNY.Biz Custom Web Design, Graphic Design, Custom Flash Design and Search Engine Optimization

courtesy of Alfred, New York (NY) Web Designer David Williams

Click here for Affordable Web Design & Professional Web Development for your small business or call David Williams at 607-587-9275

David A. Williams


Legal: All information is deemed reliable but not guaranteed and all ads, text and graphics, etc. should be independently verified. The owner/publisher of AlfredNY.Biz and/or its' agents make no claims or warranties about the products/services advertised on this website. Further, the owner/publisher of AlfredNY.Biz and/or its' agents shall not be responsible for any typographical errors, misinformation, misprints, and shall be held totally harmless.


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