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The XTerra Fitness SB 540r Indoor Stationary Magnetic

Recumbent Exercise Fitness Bike


Limited Time Offer XTerra SB540r Sale Price is Only $699.00*

Regular Price is $1199.00 - You Save $500.00

* Plus Shipping

* Plus Sales Tax for NY Residents




When it comes to fitness recumbent exercise bikes the XTerra Fitness SB 540r recumbent exercise bike is one of the BEST Recumbent Exercise Bikes on the market today for the money.


top-rated exercise & fitness equipment, Xterra Fitness SB 540r from the Bicycle Man


The XTerra Fitness SB 540r magnetic resistance recumbent exercise bike is among the best recumbent exercise & fitness bikes in its price range with features and benefits typically found only on much more expensive units.


If you're looking for recumbent exercise bikes benefits the XTerra Fitness SB540r offers amazing fitness benefits & features with variable magnetic resistance levels ranging from aerobic cardio fitness, Physical Therapy (PT) & Rehab through to gut busting recumbent trainer workouts - ample resistance levels for every type of user. So whether you're a serious recumbent rider or just looking for a great way to exercise in the comfort of your own home the XTerra SB540r Stationary Recumbent Exercise Bike offers high end features for an affordable price!


Learn more about the best recumbent exercise bikes

LeMond Fitness G-Force RT (Recumbent Trainer) is on sale now at the BicycleMan


The LeMond G-Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike is unlike any other recumbent exercise bicycle you've seen on the market before. Other recumbent exercise bikes may look similar but the G-Force Recumbent Trainer offers so much more.


The LeMond Fitness G-Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike with WKO Lite Workout Software


The Bicycle Man writes recumbent bike reviews as an expert in the field of recumbent bikes - They will undoubtedly write unbiased recumbent exercise bike reviews for the LeMond Fitness G-Force RT in similar fashion. Initial reports from owner, Peter Stull, state that the LeMond Fitness G Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike is fast shaping up to be one of the Best Recumbent Exercise Bicycles they have ever had the pleasure to ride.


Whether you are a recumbent (not recumbant*) bike enthusiast or just beginning a health & fitness program this stationary indoor recumbent exercise bicycle is worthy of a serious look.


The LeMond Fitness G-Force RT with WKO Lite Training Software


The Bicycle Man often offers specials and sales on the G-Force RT Recumbent Exercise Bike - Visit the Bicycle Man's Recumbent Exercise Bike website to learn more.


* Recumbent Exercise Bikes are often misspelled as Recumbant Exercise Bikes. Recumbent actually refers to the reclined, more comfortable & relaxed rider position compared to the 'bent over' upright bike position.

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