Faith of a Spider

Memoir of a Pet Sitter


by Chrystal Dodge

Faith of a Spider

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Faith of a Spider

Book Review

Title: Faith of a Spider (memoir of a pet sitter)
Author: Chrystal Dodge
Rating: Very Good!
Publisher: Chrystal Dodge
Reviewed by: Rod Clark at

Rod Clark of fame gave Faith of a Spider a "Very Good!" rating...

"As she takes the reader though her many colorful experiences as a pet sitter we are introduced to many unforgettable animals: Dogs like “Duke” (a hound mix) and “Ousch” (a bearded collie), cats with names like “Butterfox” and “Walrus,” a lizard named “Butch”—pets that seem to step right off the page—but these wonderful creatures are merely the heart of the story. She also tells us about the homes where she works, about the many friendships she makes with the owners of the pets she cares for, and what is happening in her family (which includes three sons and assorted grandchildren). It is as if she wishes to draw a picture of an entire life that includes her unique business, but also embraces people and places as well as her passion for animals. Her accounts are told with wit, warmth and compassion. Anyone who loves pets, or has had to make dramatic changes in their lives is certain to love this heartwarming book. "

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